About Us

The NYC Doula Collective is a collective of birth workers serving the New York City area. We offer both quality care for expectant parents and a space for doulas to build a strong sense of doula community. Through ongoing professional development, regular meetings for members, active mentoring, and a commitment to giving back to the community through educational workshops, our collective strives to create a close knit community of doulas offering NYC families professional labor and postpartum services in a range of fee levels.

The NYC Doula Collective brings together seasoned doulas and those new to their practice to form a collective of birth doulas in the NYC area. Our organization emphasizes professionalism, mentoring community, and accountability.

Mentoring is a fundamental and essential part of the NYC Doula Collective. Our seasoned doulas serve as mentors to doulas earlier in their practice, furthering their education beyond the initial doula training that all of our doulas participate in. This relationship begins when doulas who are new to their practice join the collective and continues until they become seasoned doulas themselves.

Our doulas have shared ethical commitments and standards of professionalism aimed at providing a model for doula work. Our range of fees and experience allow for parents to select the doula that will best match their needs while providing them with a consistent labor package. At all levels within the collective, we are consistently growing and learning together, striving to provide the best possible labor support to NYC families.

Many of our doulas have additional qualifications beyond labor doula certifications, such as certifications for lactation support, massage therapy, yoga instruction, and placenta encapsulation. Our doulas also lead workshops on baby wearing and cloth diapering, elimination communication, prenatal yoga, and childbirth education.

All doulas allied with this Collective are independent contractors and operate individual practices based upon their skill set and level of experience. The NYC Doula Collective is a doula referral service and does not assume responsibility for the doulas allied with this organization. A doula does not replace the medical support of a health care provider.

Please feel free to contact our Referral Co-Coordinators with any additional questions or for follow up conversation, or additional referrals. If you are interested in receiving referrals, please visit our contact page and give us some information about your upcoming birth and we will put you in touch with our available doulas.