Our Board

Rina Crane, Director:
As Director, Rina is responsible for overseeing all activities of the Collective, serves as the head of the board of directors and facilitates board meetings, mentor meetings, and general meetings. As an active mentor, she serves as liaison between the Mentor Collective and the Board of Directors. Additionally, Rina serves as a representative of the Collective to the public and any questions or concerns should be directed to her.

Morgane Veronique Richardson, Director Elect:
As Director Elect, Morgane works in direct consultation with the Director, helping to manage all collective activities that involve the Director and she serves as the Director in Rina’s absence. The Director Elect is mentored for a two-year term into the role of becoming the next Director of the NYC Doula Collective. The Director Elect is also responsible for organizing Tier 1 & Tier 2 doulas meetings throughout the year. In addition to her duties on the board of directors, Morgane also serves as a member of the mentor collective and on the grievance committee.

Kori Krysh, Referral Coordinator:
As the referrals coordinator, Kori is the primary voice of the Collective to prospective clients. Our referral coordinator communicate with prospective clients to find doulas who will best match their needs. She is also responsible for reporting current hiring trends and helping to anticipate the need for new members.

Tymaree Renaud and Melissa McCrumb, Co-Treasurers:
The treasurers, Tymaree and Melissa, handle all monetary matters of the Collective including: collecting member fees, receiving client contracts and payments, distributing mentor compensation and doula payments, managing the budget and accurate recording, providing monthly reports to the Board of Directors, and recommending policies and procedures to facilitate clean and accurate accounting. They also handle all of our tax reporting and end of year filing and can provide receipts for clients looking for FSA or insurance reimbursement.

Aida Alfonzo, Membership Director:
As Membership Director, Aida maintains our membership database, including renewals and updates, interfaces with and maintains files for prospective members, and maintains all documents pertaining to the joining process while assisting new members in the process.

Susannah Rosenfield, Community Outreach Director:
Susannah oversees the Community Outreach Committee and is responsible for reporting the ideas of the committee to the Board for consideration. The committee develops and organizes the Collective’s public presence. They organize participation in public events and create and maintain promotional materials including the website. The largest events are the Annual NYC Doula Collective Picnic held each year in September and participating in Miles for Midwives in October.

Milon Nagi, Archivist:
As archivist, Milon is responsible for recording and maintaining all Collective communications. Milon drafts the agendas and takes minutes at all meetings, posting minutes and other Collective documents online for members to review, and archiving Collective records. She also works with the Website Coordinator and Community Outreach Director to make sure communications and language are reflective of the Collective’s mission and values. Milon also maintains the Collective’s internal website with our resource list.