Tier 1: 1-10 births

aishaAisha Awadallah is a trained birth doula, and completed her DONA training with Rina Crane. She is currently on the path to becoming certified and has also received lactation training with Tanya Wills, CNM.

Having had the experience of being born at home with the aid of a midwife, Aisha grew up as a passionate advocate for women’s voices and having the options to choose and access maternal education. She believes a doula can provide essential empathetic support during labor and continual guidance for those seeking to more efficiently communicate with their chosen care providers, to find appropriate resources, and in choosing more inclusive and specifically trained care providers if needed.

She intensely values proactive, progressive, flexible, and strong communication. She also continually seeks out opportunities and educational sources to expand and challenge her knowledge, and strengthen her ability to provide infallible support to each of her clients.

Aisha believes that childbirth is a beautiful, complex, life changing and powerful experience that most birthing persons never forget. She believes in the importance of a labor experience in which the individual feels empowered, safe, and physically and emotionally supported is essential and should always be aspired to.

Along with pursuing doula work, Aisha currently works as an artist assistant in Brooklyn. A former sex educator, she is passionate about female sexuality, anatomy, LGBT issues, and challenging the ways in which society influences and limits our understanding of our bodies and how we choose to use them. A crafts woman at heart, she is a painter and has recently been exploring woodworking. Books, activism, art, travel, her three cats are some of her main preoccupations in life.


ameliaAmelia Brady-Cole is a DONA trained doula with a life-long passion for supporting families. She has been working with babies and young children for over a decade and has been studying different kinds of birth work for almost as long. She believes in a client-centered approach in her doula work and she is committed to holding space in ways specific to each client’s needs.

Amelia has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Bryn Mawr College where she focused on medical anthropology and the history of maternity care and birth spaces. With the understanding that birth experiences can be shaped in powerful ways by the people present, Amelia’s highest priority is to build trusting relationships with clients. She is committed to providing the highest quality care for all kinds of families – supporting them to access and understand all of their options as expectant parents.

In addition to her doula work, Amelia spends time babysitting, writing, singing, playing music, practicing Reiki, and working in the garden of her cooperative home with her housemates in Crown Heights.


jae2Jae Carey trained with Ancient Song Doula Services as a full-spectrum doula, and has received certification as a birth and bereavement doula as well. She values being prepared to act as a supportive and flexible presence to those pregnant and their partners throughout any process.

She is mom to a beautiful being, Amdo, born in 2004. The experience of working through a 48-hour back labor with a midwife, and no intervention, showed her the power and intelligence of the body. As an adopted Korean-American, and recognizing life’s complexities, Jae unconditionally respects and supports every person’s reproductive choices.

Jae also comes to this work through her spiritual practice. As a meditation instructor since 2006, in locations as diverse as Brooklyn Zen Center, Rikers Island Jail, and NYU, her approach is attuned to the context. She resonates with ritual, and enjoys co-crafting ceremonies and other ways of cultivating intentional moments and transitions. Her practice brings non-judgmental attention, stability and kind presence to holding space, as well as ability to instruct various calming and bodily techniques. She lives in Brooklyn with her son, and spends much of the time pursuing an M.A. in Integrative Reproductive Justice.


leslieLeslie McGhee is a DONA-trained birth doula who comes to this work by way of her passionate feminism and backgrounds in social justice advocacy and reproductive rights. She believes that every individual deserves access to empowering resources and authentic, non-judgmental support, as well as a protected and safe space to experience all that birth can bring forth.

Leslie wants you to have the birth that you want and delights in doing all that she can to support your choices. She strives to create an environment in which you can listen to, follow and celebrate your intuition. Her practice is informed by calm, attentive listening and warm, caring comfort measures.

Originally from South Carolina, Leslie has spent the last 11 years in the city making Brooklyn her home. She spent the first part of her career working with non-profit organizations that ensure respect and dignity for immigrant and working-class New Yorkers before following her call to be a doula. Leslie adores her home borough and spends her free time seeking laughter, nurturing urban gardens, and fostering kittens.


susannahSusannah Rosenfield is a DONA-trained doula, who has also studied breastfeeding with Tanya Wills and the Spinning Babies method with Tammy Ryan. After earning a B.A. in Sociology at Kenyon College, she interned at a handful of storytelling nonprofits, wrote and fact-checked freelance, and worked as a paralegal. She joined the birth world upon realizing that doula work perfectly combines her interests in reproductive justice and storytelling. Through both interests, she has learned how to listen actively and honor personal narratives with the goal of providing comprehensive, centering care.

She believes in a judgment-free approach focused on listening, support, comfort, and choice. Everyone deserves a healthy, fulfilling birth, and Susannah is dedicated to making that happen on the laboring person’s terms. She seeks to serve diverse clients, families, and labors with sensitivity and respect.

When off doula duty, Susannah enjoys wandering through Prospect Park, FaceTiming with her nieces, catching comedy shows around the city, and sometimes even performing in them. She lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with her lovely roommate, two plants, and too many books.