Tier 2: 10-30 births

raychelRaychel Franzen is a DONA trained birth doula and a certified lactation counselor. She comes by her passion for supporting new and expectant parents quite naturally – she grew up in Washington state as one of the oldest in a large family which allowed her to be a part of many pregnancies and welcome many newborns into the world. She is a birth mother with an open adoption which has been a beautifully life changing experience for her. Raychel decided to pursue the path of a doula because of her firm belief in every person’s right to make decisions regarding their own body and birth experience. She offers her clients physical and emotional support as well as relevant information so they can feel confident in their decisions throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

In her free time, Raychel enjoys fantasy novels, word puzzles, board games, and theatre. She lives with her husband and a tank full of fish in Brooklyn.


shalaSharliamar Jackson is a DONA trained doula, and soon to be a Yoga Instructor who discovered her passion for birth work after she truly found herself. She was born and raised in Miami, Fl and moved to Crown Heights, Brooklyn to pursue an acting career several years ago. Although becoming an actress was her dream, she found her real calling was birth work.

At the age of thirteen, her mother experienced a very traumatic and scarring birth. Sharliamar drew courage and insight from her mother’s experience and learned how important support is throughout the parenthood journey. Fueled by an innate and strong passion for nurturing and empowering parents, she seeks to give women a voice and empower them to fully understand their options as an expecting parent.

Becoming a doula is not a career for Sharliamar; it is her life’s work, and she is excited to begin her doula journey. In addition to her passion for birth work, Sharliamar is a part-time babysitter, enjoys yoga, tea, and holistic healing.


eperezElizabeth Perez became involved in birth work and wellness once she connected all her passions at once: women, the human body, advocacy, and children. Altogether, these passions lead her towards becoming a DONA certified birth doula and a DTI trained birth and postpartum doula. She is also a certified pre/postnatal yoga instructor and currently studying to become a childbirth educator with the Childbirth Education Association of Metropolitan New York.

Influenced by how we create and interact, Elizabeth believes greatly that “holding space” is a skill necessary for society at large. This awareness and sensitivity to space, energies and surroundings, impacts her approach to her role as a doula. Prenatally, she works with couples and laboring individuals in preparing for the birth of their child and offers non-judgemental support should anything change along the way. Together, she helps design a toolkit of comfort measures and a personalized set of techniques, such as massage and acupressure, breath work and meditation, Spinning babies, and lastly, movement and yoga. Once baby arrives, the support continues with troubleshooting and special care for the new parents and child. With her guidance, new and expanding families feel supported, listened to and prepared for the changes to come. Elizabeth offers evidence based information, local resources, gentle touch, and her personal favorite – reassurance and a steady presence.

She lives in Brooklyn with her partner and son.


susannahSusannah Rosenfield is a DONA-trained doula, who has also studied breastfeeding with Tanya Wills and the Spinning Babies method with Tammy Ryan. After earning a B.A. in Sociology at Kenyon College, she interned at a handful of storytelling nonprofits, wrote and fact-checked freelance, and worked as a paralegal. She joined the birth world upon realizing that doula work perfectly combines her interests in reproductive justice and storytelling. Through both interests, she has learned how to listen actively and honor personal narratives with the goal of providing comprehensive, centering care.

She believes in a judgment-free approach focused on listening, support, comfort, and choice. Everyone deserves a healthy, fulfilling birth, and Susannah is dedicated to making that happen on the laboring person’s terms. She seeks to serve diverse clients, families, and labors with sensitivity and respect.

When off doula duty, Susannah enjoys wandering through Prospect Park, FaceTiming with her nieces, catching comedy shows around the city, and sometimes even performing in them. She lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with her lovely roommate, two plants, and too many books.

• • •

saragSarah Gravinese is a DONA trained birth doula who believes passionately in supporting women and their partners in the sacred act of childbirth. After experiencing labor and childbirth herself, Sarah has grown to realize that doulas are the missing piece that can help women feel empowered and transformed by birth. She firmly believes that every kind of birth, and every kind of woman deserves a doula. Sarah has many years of public school teaching experience, and feels she brings knowledge, confidence and encouragement to each family she works with. She believes that knowledge is power, and that an educated and supported woman can truly own the choices she makes for herself and her baby.

Sarah was raised in the Rockaway Beach area of Queens, and still resides there with her husband, two sons (ages 3 and 1.5 years) and rescue dog. She enjoys reading, dancing and learning about everything from birth, to child development to natural living. She looks forward to supporting pregnant women and partners in New York City and Long Island. *Currently on leave


Milon Nagi is a DONA certified birth doula who trained in the fall of 2008. She is a founding member of the NYC Doula Collective. She holds an MA in Gender Studies and a background in academic publishing, the British Civil Service and as a writer and campaign manager at the Women’s Media Center.

Milon combines her passion for women’s rights and health with a lifelong fascination and respect for the birth process. Her continuing professional education has included workshops with several leading birth educators, including Gail Tully (Spinning Babies), Gena Kirby (Rebozo Skills), Sarah Buckley (Undisturbing Birth) and Ina May Gaskin, among others. She is currently working to become a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. Milon also works with Choices in Childbirth as a member of CIC’s Program Committee, a facilitator for their free monthly Healthy Birth Workshops for expectant parents and as a writer and editor for the annual Guide to a Healthy Birth.

Milon believes that an educated woman is an empowered woman. She is passionately committed to helping women and families gain the knowledge they need to make truly informed decisions about the birth options which are right for them. Originally from the UK, Milon lives with her partner and son in Brooklyn. *Currently on leave


MontseMontse Olmos was born in México City and raised in Nuevo León and Tamaulipas and she owes much of her education in childbirth, breastfeeding and motherhood to her foremothers and to her elders and fellow sisters in her community. With that being said, Montse is trained as a Full-Spectrum Community Doula through Ancient Song Doula Services, an organization dedicated to serve Women of Color in low-income communities. She has experience with the rebozo Indigenous technology, for labor support, postpartum care and baby-wearing. She’s also a Certified Lactation Counselor and recently completed a long-distance Breastfeeding Counselor certification in Spanish with the Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública de México (INSP – National Institute for Public Health in Mexico). Montse is also a Certified Herbalist through The Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. She has recently worked as a Community Health Worker for the Washington Heights Healthy Families home-visiting program.

Much of her Doula practice revolves around Traditional Post-Partum Care; within this modality of healing, Montse provides education and tools for her clients to continue using for the rest of their lives. As a Doula, Montse is a big believer of inner intuition. She strives to provide a space for mothers (and fathers) to connect to their own wisdom and to fully trust their instinct, while providing gentle guidance and serving as a source of information and support that her clients can draw from. Her own experience as a mother of two beautiful girls also helps her connect to her own intuition when supporting women during pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period. She lives in Jersey City with her girls and amazingly supportive husband; when she’s not supporting a Mami, she’s either dancing and playing music across the NY/NJ area, or making herbal concoctions for the womb in her kitchen. *Currently on leave


HaleyHaley Tanner started her journey to become a doula after the birth of her daughter, Beatrix, but she has always been fascinated by pregnancy and childbirth. As a DONA-trained doula, she believes in carrying into each birth a sense of warmth, compassion, and honesty. In her work she seeks to create a space for families where birth can be exhilarating, strange, profound, safe, and empowering, all at once.

Haley supports all choices in childbirth without judgement, and believes that everyone deserves a birth that is uniquely their own: that no matter the path, no person should feel unsupported or alone in labor.

Haley grew up in New York and lives in Brooklyn. She has a BA in English and Women’s Studies, an MFA in Writing, and is a published novelist. She is CPR certified, trained in the Spinning Babies method, and has studied comforting touch and rebozo, and continues always to expand her knowledge and skills.

In her spare time Haley can be found obsessively listening to podcasts, reading, and chasing her toddler around the city. *Currently on leave