Tier 3: 20-50 births

Jordan Christopher is a DONA International trained doula, Lamaze trained childbirth educator, Certified Lactation Counselor, and Lifestyle Consultant. Having studied naturopathic health and nutrition, and also teaching and working as a lifestyle coach in health institutions in Central America, Asia, and within the Continental U.S., Jordan has now made the transition into Maternal Child Health and Lactation in pursuit of her IBCLC. Deeply moved by the birth of her niece, she now uses her various talents to aid women and their families before, during, and after their labor. Her belief is that every woman deserves a safe and empowering birth experience, and therefore provides information, support, and a wealth of compassion and sensitivity to each of her families. Every woman deserves a doula and Jordan is always humbled and honored to be a part of each her families birth experience.


AJ Frenzel brings kindness, passion, and a warm sense of humor to her doula work. A former Flamenco dancer, AJ has always been fascinated with the capabilities of the human body. Her work as a doula came as a natural extension after the birth of her first child in 2008. Trained in the Bradley method, and devouring anything related to pregnancy, birth, babies and breastfeeding, she developed a deep respect for the broad range of ‘normal’ experiences in this field, from hopes and expectations, to timing and sensations. She is humbled to support each family’s individual experience. AJ lives in a happy home in Brooklyn with her husband, son, daughter and sister.”There is nothing as universal as birth, nor anything as individual.”


sarahSarah Lewin is a DONA certified birth doula and licensed clinical social worker. Born and raised in New York City, she has been passionate about female embodiment for as long as she can remember. After obtaining her B.A. in Gender Studies with a focus on Women’s Health from Kenyon College, Sarah became committed to supporting women in feeling empowered in their bodies. She worked at The Body Positive in Berkeley, CA leading workshops on intuitive eating and self-care. Later, while pursuing her Masters in Social Work at NYU Sarah interned at The New School where she conducted individual clinical work and created workshops surrounding size diversity. In addition to her doula training, Sarah has also studied birth education with Lamaze, Rebozo use with Gena Kirby, and Hypnobirthing with Chanti Smith.

Sarah is dedicated to helping every mother and partner in a way that feels right to them in this unique life moment. She is a calm and open presence and is very excited to offer her care, humor and support.


Madeline Peikes brings a diversity of interests to her work as a doula, from her love of cooking and community, to her love of swimming as an outlet for both body and mind. She decided to become a doula after the profound and unexpectedly empowering experience of giving birth to her daughter three years ago. Since then she has been inspired by the birth stories of the women around her. Madeline has learned that while every woman births differently – whether she births at home or a hospital, with drugs or without – every woman is equipped with the powerful instincts that can guide her through birth. As a doula it is her aim to aid mothers in following those instincts in a way that feels right to them. She brings with her a strong sense of compassion, a calming presence, and unflinching support.

Madeline has experience in hospitals, birthing centers and at homebirths and works with clients who are planning a natural birth as well as with those planning on the use of epidural. She also has experience with high risk pregnancies, multiples, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), and breech presentation. In addition to her training as a doula, she has completed workshops with Gail Tully of Spinning Babies, with Gena Kirby on the use of the rebozo in labor, and will begin Lactation Counselor (CLC) training and certification in March. Madeline is a native New Yorker and lives in Brooklyn with her husband and 3 year old daughter.


Tymaree Renaud LMT,CD(DONA), began her journey as a birth doula in January 2010. She has been fascinated by birth since she first picked up “Spiritual Midwifery” by Ina May Gaskin in 1994. An avid traveler, she has lived, worked, and wandered in 43 countries. She marvels at synthesizing all these experiences and being present; appreciating the uniqueness and universal in every moment. Tymaree is also a Licensed Massage Therapist. She trained at Swedish institute in NYC in 2002 and with Susan Rachel Condon for her Pre/Post Natal certification in 2006. In 2009, she did her 200-hour yoga teacher certification at the Nosara Institute in Costa Rica. She studied Prenatal Yoga with the Prenatal Yoga Center in New York. She teaches prenatal yoga at Yoga People in Brooklyn Heights as well as offers one-on-one sessions. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from California College of the Arts in Printmaking and also has a deep love for photography. Her next adventure in education has beenpursuing certification as a childbirth educator with ICE. She is deeply interested in women’s health, nutrition, movement, and rite-of-passages. Her experience with touch and movement, can help you to have a more comfortable and empowering birth experience.


Karen Reposa is a DONA certified birth doula. She was inspired to become a doula after she attended the birth of her niece and she found the experience of watching her sister transition into motherhood to be incredibly transformative. Karen knows that each family has different expectations of their birth process and different needs from their doula. Her ability to make a personal connection with families creates a trusting relationship that combined with her calm presence sets mothers at ease. She is excited to be able to support women in giving birth the way they choose and to witness women in all of their strength, determination, and growth.

Before becoming a doula, Karen taught at an all women’s adult education program. She also spent 2 years in the Peace Corps working with mothers and students as a health educator. She is honored to continue her work of supporting and empowering women and families as a doula. Karen lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two children.


Morgane Veronique Richardson is a DONA certified doula and a Reiki practitioner. Morgane combines her professional background in women’s rights and health with a deep appreciation and respect for the birth process.

She is certified with the American Red Cross in Adult/Child/Infant CPR, has completed workshops to help women breastfeed successfully, and has received training from Debra Pascali-Bonaro on using a rebozo (traditional Mexican shawl) during labor.

Morgane understands that each family enters their birth differently and she is committed to helping her clients feel fully supported – no matter their beliefs, needs or wants during this time. She believes in keeping women and their families informed, and walking them through each step to ensure they make the best birth choices for themselves. As your doula, Morgane offers constant compassion, non-judgmental support, and warmth to the birthing process.

Morgane Richardson’s professional path has been guided by her dedication to provide women with a space to empower themselves. Her work on the reflections of women, race and education have been published in numerous blogs and magazines, her social media firm works on pro-social campaigns for clients such as the United Nations, and her position as a CUNY adjunct professor keeps her at the edge of the field of gender and health. She holds a B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology and Art History from Middlebury College and an M.A. in Gender and Peacebuilding from the United Nations University For Peace.

Morgane happily makes her home in South Slope, Brooklyn with her partner and their dog.


Lori Rose is a DONA International Certified Doula and Certified Lactation Counselor. She has trained and completed further workshops with Debra Pascali-Bonaro in the past 2 years and is excited to be supporting new families. A Nebraska native who has called New York home for more than 20 years, Lori has college degrees in computer programming, business and economics. After many years of being involved in athletics, working as an exercise instructor, volunteering as a crisis hotline assistant, and being a mother to her two grown sons, Lori is now fully committed to supporting women and their partners in having the birth that they would like. Her personal philosophy is to choose happiness and she looks forward to bringing this joyful energy to your birth experience.


Heather White is DONA International certified birth doula as well as a professional birth photographer. She is a calm, nurturing, reassuring presence who sees her role as more than just someone to assist with birth, but instead as the person responsible for helping a mother transition into parenthood.

She has experience supporting mothers at home, birth centers, and hospitals throughout all of NYC, while also supporting women who are high-risk, including twins and VBAC. Heather always seeks to expand her knowledge of how to best support mothers and has studied advanced doula techniques with Ina May Gaskin, Debra Pascali-Bonaro, and Gina Kirby. She has also completed training in neonatal resuscitation with Karen Strange as well as Spinning Babies technique with midwife Gail Tully.

Heather holds a BS in Business/Marketing from Ohio State University. Prior to becoming a doula/photographer, she worked in marketing, advertising, and design in the television, publishing, and technology fields. During these years, she found her creative calling as a photographer and began traveling the world capturing sensual, vivid, and life affirming images from India to Burning Man. Capturing life’s most vital moments became the heart of everything she accomplished.

Most recently, she was influenced to become a doula because of the immense care that received during her first birth. Having children was more than absolute magic, it has been laughter, tears, divinity, and silliness all rolled into one that brought these gifts into her life. Through this experience, she has become instinctively in tune with the process of birth and the idea of mothering the mother.

Heather lives with her family in Red Hook, Brooklyn where she is the mother of two amazing children. She not only offers support, guidance, and comfort to all the mothers-to-be out there, but also wants to bring her open and creative spirit to the process, along with great skill at photographing human nature at its peaks. She brings an abundance of love and light to the very creative journey that is the adventure of giving birth and becoming a mother.


Brigitte Arlé CD(DONA), CEIM, RPYT, has always felt that freedom of movement is essential to life and happiness. In 2003, she received a BFA in Dance from Alvin Ailey/ Fordham University. Her dedication to dance and healing arts led her to become a health and fitness professional. Brigitte is certified to teach Pilates Mat & Apparatus. In addition she is a registered yoga teacher that is certified in hatha, therapeutic, yin, prenatal & postpartum, yoga for labor & delivery, and prenatal Thai yoga massage. In 2008, she began teaching prenatal and postpartum Pilates & yoga. Working with women during this special time in their lives really influenced her decision to become a doula.

Since then Brigitte has enjoyed working with the NYCDC, attending births and her time being a member of the board of directors. As a doula, Brigitte has taken various continuing education courses. In 2012, she visited the Farm to receive training in Basic Midwifery Skills with Ina May Gaskin. She has taken courses on Breastfeeding for Doulas, Intermediate Midwifery Skills, TENS for Labor, Herbs & Homeopathy for Labor, Placenta Encapsulation, and is currently an apprentice studying herbalism with Karen Rose. Brigitte is a Certified Educator of Infant Massage and enjoys teaching new parents simple & holistic approaches to bathing, massaging, and caring for their newborns. Brigitte feels that birth is a beautiful and natural experience that women and babies are fully equipped for. She enjoys supporting all women on their journey, as they become mothers. *Currently on Maternity Leave