Tier 3: 30-50 births

aidaAida Alfonzo is a DONA trained Birth Doula who whole-heartedly believes in the innate qualities of a woman’s body. Her interest in labor and birth started very early, and was simply nourished through her higher education in Human Development, as well as her own pregnancy and birth.

As a professional birth worker, Aida uses her training in comfort techniques and knowledge of acupressure and the pregnant persons anatomy and physiology to create a more well rounded practice. She believes in the power of touch and reassures through her words.

Aida brings forth her passion and positive energy to support women with all preferences, especially in those moments when challenges occur, complications arise, and things may not always go the way one hopes. She is an extra pair of hands, a familiar face and the positive energy needed during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Aida is a New York native who lives with her partner and son in Rego Park, Queens.


SarahGoldSarah Gold is a DONA-certified doula who values birth as a remarkable life experience that will stay with you forever. Guided by the belief that every family has the right to a joyous and empowering birth, she brings warmth, reassurance and laughter to her doula practice. She supports her clients to define and experience birth in whatever ways make sense for them. Above all, she wants her clients to feel respected, valued and safe. Sarah’s clients describe her as “calm and peaceful”, “selfless, quiet, and comforting”, and “professional, resourceful, patient and kind”.

Inspired by the strength and wisdom of the powerful women in her life, Sarah found her home in the birth community after spending over a decade working for various women’s rights and reproductive justice organizations. She holds a Master’s degree in Gender and Development Studies, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She is also a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor. Sarah lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with the love of her life, and is truly honored to be doing this important work.​


MelissaMelissa McCrumb is a DONA Trained Doula, and mom to Simon, born in Manhattan in 2015. Growing up surrounded by pregnant and breastfeeding women planted the seed that made her want to become a doula, and her own birthing experience pushed her over the edge. Melissa wholeheartedly believes that every woman should have the kind of support they need in labor and childbirth.

Melissa believes that every woman knows herself best, and knows best what she and her baby need during birth. During your prenatal appointment Melissa will spend lots of time listening to what you are looking for in your birth, but also why you want those things. This allows Melissa to tailor her support to you and enables her to provide caring, non-judgmental support during your labor. Whether you want or need an unmedicated birth, some medication, or a cesarean section, she will provide support to help you meet your birth goals. If for whatever reason, there’s a change of plans during labor she will help make sure that you are in control of those decisions.

Melissa is originally from Virginia, but now calls New York City home. She studied Anthropology at the University of Virginia and before becoming a doula Melissa worked as a community organizer. Melissa speaks Spanish and German.


AldenAlden Moore believes that every birth experience is unique and can be profoundly empowering. As a DONA International certified birth doula, she encourages women to connect to their bodies to be able to articulate labor and delivery through breath and movement. She provides a sense of balance, both firm and gentle, knowledgeable and resourceful, and brings a calming presence so that clients feel safe, respected and nurtured. She offers compassionate support, a sense of humor and an ability to flow from moment to moment. She will hold space for you and your partner as you labor through this incredible womb to world journey.

Alden has a professional background in Theatre, with post-graduate degrees in Movement and Acting(International). Her studies, performances, and research have taken her to Bali, Taiwan, England, Scotland, France and Russia. She continues to explore somatic movement theories as they apply to women in labor, and is working towards becoming a CMA (Certified Movement Analyst).


Karen Reposa is a DONA certified birth doula. She was inspired to become a doula after she attended the birth of her niece and she found the experience of watching her sister transition into motherhood to be incredibly transformative. Karen knows that each family has different expectations of their birth process and different needs from their doula. Her ability to make a personal connection with families creates a trusting relationship that combined with her calm presence sets mothers at ease. She is excited to be able to support women in giving birth the way they choose and to witness women in all of their strength, determination, and growth.

Before becoming a doula, Karen taught at an all women’s adult education program. She also spent 2 years in the Peace Corps working with mothers and students as a health educator. She is honored to continue her work of supporting and empowering women and families as a doula. Karen lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two children. *Currently on leave