Tier 5: 75-100 births

annahs1smAnna Cheechov is a DONA certified birth doula, registered yoga teacher, and mama to one beautiful little girl. She was inspired to become a doula by her own positive experiences of pregnancy, birth, and the early postpartum period. Anna hired a NYC Doula Collective doula herself and now feels blessed to be able to give back to families what was so graciously given to her – continuous, caring support from beginning to end, and beyond.

She believes every birth is truly unique and is open to supporting families in whatever way they need, regardless of how the birth process unfolds. She has supported many kinds of births in hospitals, birth centers and home, and hopes to hold the space for you to come out of your experience feeling strong, accomplished and confident to start your journey as a new parent. Her main goal as a doula is to instill in her clients the power they hold as parents, which begins during pregnancy.

Anna has trained with Lea Todaro in Lactation Consultation and is available to help her clients with establishing a feeding plan that works for each individual family. Anna has been a yoga teacher since 2009, specializing in vinyasa, yin and restorative yoga. She loves to teach breath work, meditation and other relaxation techniques that are helpful both in daily life and also during labor. Before teaching yoga, she studied Business and Philosophy at Sacramento State. Originally from Sacramento, CA, Anna now lives in Brooklyn with her partner, baby girl, and cats.