Shala Konomi’s passion for birth work was born of her discovery of the world of wellness and self-healing. She was born and raised in Miami, FL and moved to Brooklyn to pursue an acting career several years ago. Although becoming an actress was her dream, she found her true calling was in helping people heal. She currently holds certifications as a DONA Birth Doula, Yoga Instructor, and Breastfeeding Counselor.

At the age of thirteen, her mother experienced her own birth as a traumatic one. She drew courage and insight from her mother’s experience and learned how important support can be throughout the parenting journey. Fueled by an innate passion for nurturing and empowering parents, she seeks to help people find their voice and fully understand their options as an expecting parent.

Shala channels her knowledge of the body and mind through her yoga experience when supporting families during labor. By suggesting movement and offering comforting touch and breathing techniques, she strives to create a safe space where her clients can feel free to express themselves and trust their best interest is in mind. Shala has a non-judgmental approach and supports families on their vision of a perfect birth.

In her free time, Shala enjoys reading tarot cards for herself and others, drinking tea, riding her bike and spending time with her husband and two cats.