TIER 3: 30-50 BIRTHS


Amelia Brady-Cole is a DONA trained doula with a life-long passion for supporting families. She has been working with babies and young children for over a decade and has been studying different kinds of birth work for almost as long. She believes in a client-centered approach in her doula work and she is committed to holding space in ways specific to each client’s needs.

Amelia has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Bryn Mawr College where she focused on medical anthropology and the history of maternity care and birth spaces. With the understanding that birth experiences can be shaped in powerful ways by the people present, Amelia’s highest priority is to build trusting relationships with clients. She is committed to providing the highest quality care for all kinds of families – supporting them to access and understand all of their options as expectant parents.

In addition to her doula work, Amelia spends time babysitting, writing, singing, playing music, practicing Reiki, and working in the garden of her cooperative home with her housemates in Crown Heights.

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Jae Carey. Birth stories matter. Having been adopted, and naturally introspective about origin stories all her life, Jae attends with great care to the life transitions of others. Especially after the birth of her own child, she realized firsthand the importance of emotional and non-clinical support during labor. And as someone who never quite fit any mold, her support is truly inclusive, non-judgmental, and full-spectrum. She has trained with Ancient Song Doula Services, DONA, the Center for Breastfeeding, and the Institute for the study of Birth, Breath, and Death. She welcomes and supports all bodies, histories, and preferences. Her background is also as a meditation and wellness instructor for over 10 years in various contexts throughout the city. She practices calm companioning, skillful advocacy, and feels honored to play a role in the unique unfolding of each new story and family.


Shala Konomi’s passion for birth work was born of her discovery of the world of wellness and self-healing. She was born and raised in Miami, FL and moved to Brooklyn to pursue an acting career several years ago. Although becoming an actress was her dream, she found her true calling was in helping people heal. She currently holds certifications as a DONA Birth Doula, Yoga Instructor, and Breastfeeding Counselor.

At the age of thirteen, her mother experienced her own birth as a traumatic one. She drew courage and insight from her mother’s experience and learned how important support can be throughout the parenting journey. Fueled by an innate passion for nurturing and empowering parents, she seeks to help people find their voice and fully understand their options as an expecting parent.

Shala channels her knowledge of the body and mind through her yoga experience when supporting families during labor. By suggesting movement and offering comforting touch and breathing techniques, she strives to create a safe space where her clients can feel free to express themselves and trust their best interest is in mind. Shala has a non-judgmental approach and supports families on their vision of a perfect birth.

In her free time, Shala enjoys reading tarot cards for herself and others, drinking tea, riding her bike and spending time with her husband and two cats.


Leslie McGhee is a DONA-certified birth doula with years of experience working with new parents and young families. She believes that everyone deserves access to empowering resources and authentic, non-judgmental support, especially surrounding reproductive milestones. Her full-spectrum experience includes supporting births of multiples, VBACs, c-sections, home births, premature arrivals, inductions, and high-risk deliveries.

Leslie wants you to have the birth that you want and delights in doing all that she can to support your choices. She strives to create an environment in which you can listen to, follow and celebrate your intuition. She seeks to foster a safe space so that you can experience all that birth can bring forth – the good, the messy, the exquisite. Her practice is informed by calm, attentive listening and warm, caring comfort measures. She strives to create a practice that is affirming of all people, celebrating all sexual orientations, genders, ages, colors, family structures, sizes, immigration statuses and personal choices.

Originally from the Southeast, Leslie has spent over a decade in the city making Brooklyn her home. She comes to birth work by way of her passionate feminisms and backgrounds in social justice advocacy and reproductive rights work. Leslie spent the first part of her career in the non-profit sector fighting for dignity and respect with immigrant and working-class New Yorkers before following her call to be a birth doula. She spends her free time seeking laughter, nurturing urban gardens, and fostering kittens.

Susannah Rosenfield is a DONA-certified birth doula and Certified Breastfeeding Counselor. She joined the birth world upon realizing that doula work perfectly combines her interests in reproductive rights and storytelling. Through both interests, she has learned how to listen actively and honor personal narratives with the goal of providing comprehensive, centering support.

Susannah believes in a judgment-free approach to doula work focused on listening, affirming, comfort, and choice. Everyone deserves to birth with dignity and respect, and Susannah is dedicated to making that happen on your terms. During her time as a doula, Susannah has had the opportunity to take complimentary trainings, like the Spinning Babies method with Tammy Ryan and Comforting Touch with Yiska Obadia. She brings this knowledge with her into the birthing space while recognizing that you know your body and your baby best.

Originally from Maine, Susannah moved to Brooklyn after earning a B.A. Sociology and Anthropology from Kenyon College. In her free time, she enjoys meandering walks through Prospect Park, practicing yoga, FaceTiming with her nieces and nephews, and catching comedy shows around the city.