Aisha Awadallah is a DONA trained and certified birth doula and has also received lactation training with Tanya Wills, CNM from Manhattan Birth. She will be soon be trained as a Midwife Assistant at the The Farm in Tennessee and is pursuing postpartum doula and CLC certification. Aisha also provides placenta encapsulation services.

Having had the experience of being born at home, with the aid of a midwife, Aisha grew up as a passionate advocate for women’s voices and having the options to choose and access maternal education. She believes a doula can provide essential support, comfort, and information during labor and continual guidance for those seeking to more efficiently communicate with their chosen care providers, to find appropriate resources, and in choosing more inclusive and specifically trained care providers if needed.

Her expanding path as a birth doula has been incredibly wondrous, beautiful, arduous, and strengthening in an extraordinary number of ways. She believes that no one birth is the same, and every birth leaves her as a different person in body and soul and in complete awe with the process. When she feels confident that she has provided an unwavering reassuring, supportive, comforting, and encouraging presence to a birthing person and their families no matter their choices, she considers her job well done.

Outside of birth work, she is an artist, painter, model, and craftswoman. Books, activism, intellectually stimulating conversations, exploring the world through travel and curiosity, and loving on her cats are some of her main preoccupations and passions in life.