Who we are:

The NYC Doula Collective is a collective of doulas serving New York City and the surrounding areas. We offer both quality care for expectant parents and a space for doulas to build a strong sense of doula community. The NYC Doula Collective brings together seasoned doulas and those new to their practice. Our organization emphasizes professionalism, mentoring, community, and accountability.

What we provide:

Mentoring is a primary and essential part of the NYC Doula Collective. Our seasoned doulas serve as mentors to doulas newer to their practice, furthering their education beyond the initial doula training that all of our doulas participate in. This relationship begins when doulas join the Collective and continues until they become seasoned doulas themselves. Having a mentor is a requirement for our doulas who have attended fewer than 75 births and optional for more experienced doulas. Doulas are free to choose who they’d like to be their mentor.

The NYC Doula Collective has a strong commitment to creating doula community. We host 1-2 meetings per month. These meetings create a space to discuss our work ethic, ask questions, role-play, share birth stories, and foster a deep sense of unity while assisting in building experience. All doulas are expected to regularly attend meetings.

At all levels within the Collective, we are consistently growing and learning together, striving to provide the best possible labor and postpartum support to NYC families.


We are always accepting applications, which we will be reviewing in Fall 2019.

What we’re looking for:

The ideal applicant is passionate and committed to doula work, professional, has attended a doula training, is certified or working towards certification, and is interested in our mentoring model. They must be truly interested in becoming a full-time professional doula, ready to take on 3-4 clients per month. They should have an understanding and commitment to being on-call, availability to attend collective meetings and actively participate in the mentoring relationship.

To apply please download the application HERE. Complete the application, save your name in the file name, and return with your resume to our membership director at