Kiara Gonzalez is a trained birth and postpartum doula based out of Brooklyn. She realized how transformative becoming a parent is after experiencing two powerful births of her own. A hospital birth ten years ago allowed her to observe the innate knowledge of her birthing body and a home waterbirth in 2017 allowed her to experience the confidence behind making preferred birth choices. Kiara understands the importance of being uplifted, empowered, and informed during this time and so she provides a safe space for birthing families through respect for their personal choices, compassion, and evidence-based birth information.

Prior to becoming a doula, Kiara worked extensively with children through her work with the Department of Education. Using emotional wisdom and observation, she assisted children aged 4 through 18 with adapting to their school environments by providing crisis intervention, assisting children with disabilities, serving as a translator for children with minimal English language, and as caretaker for newborns and toddlers.

Kiara is a certified Reiki Teacher/Master, an Herbal Apprentice, and is fluent in Spanish. In her free time you will most likely find her enjoying special moments with her family, with her nose buried in a book, or creating natural body products. She was born and raised in Brooklyn and has dreams of traveling the world.